Next-Gen Corda 101 Part 2 – Developing a CorDapp

June 06, 2023

In the second part of Next-Gen Corda 101 we will demonstrate how to run a simple Next-Gen CorDapp. For this demo, we will use CSDE (CorDapp Standard Development Environment) which makes the process of prototyping CorDapps more straight-forward. We will deploy a local Corda Cluster with combined worker. We will also build a Corda Package (CPK), Corda Package Bundle (CPB), and Corda Package Installer (CPI) file. We will then install a CPI on the Corda Cluster. We will also create a virtual node and register it with the Membership Group Manager (MGM). Finally, we will run a flow and print the output.

Link to the Token CorDapp: