Deciding Where To Go On Your Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride

Deciding Where To Go On Your Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride

Reading an article that talks about where you should be going on a Grand Canyon helicopter ride may sound a little redundant at first. But if you haven’t done any research on the wonder of the world you won’t realise that it actually spans over 277 miles which means that there is a lot to see in the “one spot”. With extraordinary cascading colours and rock layers this marvel is something that is on a lot of people’s bucket list and for a good reason.

If you haven’t been before or are unaware of what the different areas have to offer you don’t have to look any further. Below we are going to explore what areas you can visit on a Grand Canyon helicopter ride and what is on show for you to see.


The South Rim

south rim

One of if not the most iconic areas of the wonder is the South Rim. This area is the most popular due to the fact that whenever you see this area referenced in movies, TV shows or even photographs it will more than likely be from this area. From such many locals to Las Vegas and the Nevada area claim that you haven’t truly experienced the wonder if you haven’t visited the South Rim. If you are planning on seeing the area on foot it is important to note that it is common for thousands of people to be at this point. The massive crowds make it an easy decision on whether you should see this area from a Grand Canyon helicopter ride or not.


The North Rim

For people who are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas will love seeing the North Rim. This area has a higher elevation to its southern counterpart which makes it a lot cooler in climate. The cooler climate allows wildlife and fauna to flourish here with many visitors claiming that the saw a family of deer during their visit. The cooler climate along with the abundance of wildlife and fauna make the North Rim the perfect Grand Canyon helicopter ride destination for families with children of all ages.


The West Rim


Second to the South Rim, the West Rim is also one of the more popular areas to visit at the national park. For starters it is the most accessible area from Las Vegas as it is the closest. Many tourists either travel to the wonder via bus or drive in themselves. Short drive times are always great amongst tourists which reinforce the popularity of the West Rim. This section is also owned and operated by the Hualapai Native American tribe. There is also a skywalk which allows you to look at the base below as well as a landing pad. This section is the only section of the wonder that features a landing pad on the base. This is great for those on a Grand Canyon helicopter ride who still want to see the base of the ravine.


The East Rim

The last but not least section of the wonder if the Eastern Rim. The East Rim is furthest from Las Vegas but it is still worth the visit. The walls of the Eastern Rim are primarily the Little Colorado River. If you do decide to come down this way you will also be able to see sights such as the Marble and Cantelope Canyon. The long distance along with the marvelous things to see at the East Rim makes it a good spot to visit on a Grand Canyon helicopter ride.