How do you conduct a driving assessment for an elderly person? Is it until they cannot move at a decent speed or when they are confused about road intersections? You do not need to make jokes about the elderly while you ride with them. Their lapses could be reasons to carry out a driving evaluation for seniorsand be sure of how safe their ability is.

When do I know that the signs are bad for an elderly person?

While you ride with them, try to be involved to know what they are doing right or otherwise. Older people are not good readers of traffic signs, especially complex traffic signs. They could take a longer time to interpret the traffic figure and arrows to know the correct lane.

However, being on the road always requires making the fastest decision in a short time. If you also notice that your elderly are tense whenever they sit behind the wheels,  that is enough to know that they need an assessment.

Get a professional to help assess him

Seniors driving evaluation

There are experts who have designed resources that help to assess an elderly’s driving ability. You can access some of these resources online. There is the famous AAA that allows assessing the visual acuity of older people easily. The test is more than an eye test as the eyes are put through the right examination. The test checks the ability to identify moving objects, recognize differences in color, know peripheral and distance vision.

Also, you can help them schedule moments with their physician for proper diagnosis. A doctor can identify any concern regarding their sight or help determine what medication could affect their alertness. Also, the doctor can diagnose further conditions that could affect an elderly’s ability.

Additionally, the doctor may need further investigation and refer your elderly to a specialist – Driving Rehabilitation Specialist (DRS). The specialist will have in-depth analysis of the aged person’s ability. The process begins with a road test, that is an actual test. The results will suggest the areas that need to be improved to ensure safe driving.

Sometimes, it could be a limitation that comes with a suggestion. The specialist could instruct that your old one should stay off the road late at night or the highway. They can help plan routes that have easy turns. Quick fact, statistics have proven that elders experience more accidents when they are to turn left than right.

Also, the specialist could suggest a class that will help to rehabilitate him. The class helps to provide techniques that will aid safe road skills and improve function.

Important questions when carrying out a simple driving evaluation for seniors

Below are some important questions to ask if you notice any issues with a senior’s driving ability;

  • Would you mind consulting a professional to ensure safer driving?
  • Don’t you think your medications could be doing the most at these times? We should see a physician.
  • How tense have you felt lately on the road?

In Conclusion:

Driving evaluation for seniorscould be the difference between safety and a potential mishap. It is important to keep an eye on their driving and let them know if you think it is time to see an expert for a driving evaluation.