Generation Gap: How To Deal With It

Generation Gap: How To Deal With It


Bringing up children is no easy task! And when these two words – ‘generation gap’ come into the picture – well, it can wreck havoc! Minimizing generation gap is what all parents look forward to – but this one’s a bit tough to crack – but no worries, we’ve got a few tips that will help you figure it all out.


Respect opinions:


Opinions are where most of the difference comes in – and all you have to do is respect them! Whether it’s coming from your father, you or your daughter, all you have to do is respect. There will be a plethora of opinions swimming around you – considering age, experience and changing scenarios. And attempting to hear each other out and respect – not agree, or argue, just respect can make all the difference.


Well, let’s accept it – not everything in the current generation is bad or not right – there are a lot of fun things that the current generation is lucky to have. If you attempt to change and incorporate these changes in your life, you’ll be in for a great surprise and discover the fun part of yourself – so be it social media or a book club – go ahead, enjoy these new things which life’s throwing at you! You could even have all this fun with your entire family together!


Build a bond:


Establishing a relationship, a sense of connectivity is essential in a family – you can do it by hanging out with each other often. You could get along and do activities all of you love to do – this will make relating to each other a lot easier. Once the bind is set in, the flexibility to change, the desire to attempt to get along sets it. And it works in all ways – grandparents, parents, and children.


Talking out with each other is a must in families, especially in these days, where feeling lost and disconnected is a common thing for youngsters. Opening out your heart to your family, parents or grandparents will really help you. They’ve gone through phases you have yet to experience or are currently undergoing, and they’ll be in the best position to give you the best advice. Communicating with elders often makes us realize that they genuinely love us and all the fuss they create is only because they care a lot about us!

Hope these tips help!