How Corporate Flu Vaccination Vouchers Can Help You Improve Employee Health In 2022

How Corporate Flu Vaccination Vouchers Can Help You Improve Employee Health In 2022

How Corporate Flu Vaccination Vouchers Can Help You Improve Employee Health In 2022

With staff members coming back into the office there is an increased focus on how businesses can improve employee health – corporate flu vaccination vouchers are a great way to do this. While they obviously won’t transform your staff into mega healthy superhumans overnight (nothing is capable of that unfortunately) they can certainly have a significant impact on employee health and well-being.

What Are Corporate Flu Vaccination Vouchers?

Corporate flu vaccination vouchers are essentially coupons that entitle your employees to receive a free influenza jab at the pharmacy that your business elects. They can be a great way to promote good uptake rates and are a wonderful step in the right direction when it comes to prioritising employee health.

How Can Corporate Flu Vaccination Vouchers Help Improve Employee Health?

Corporate flu vaccination vouchers can positively impact employee health in many ways including those listed below:

Your Employees Will Have Less Chance Of Catching Influenza

The main benefit of offering your staff members corporate flu vaccination vouchers is that if they decide to make use of them, their chances of catching influenza will be decreased. This is good for their health for obvious reasons and will most likely be the main driving factor in the uptake of your company’s program.

You’re Not As Likely To End Up With Half The Office Off Sick

The above point, however, isn’t just beneficial for employee health on a personal level. Because staff members who have received an influenza jab are less likely to get sick, your entire office will benefit from there being less chance of the virus circulating throughout your team. It is important to note that employees are not fully protected, and they are still capable of both catching and passing along influenza, so sick days due to the virus will still occur, however, they should hopefully be at a far lower level than they otherwise would have been.

They Won’t Get As Sick If They Do Catch Influenza

Corporate flu vaccination vouchers

Another benefit of offering your employees corporate flu vaccination vouchers is that in the event that they do still get sick, their symptoms will be milder and should last for a shorter amount of time. This is quite beneficial to their health both in the short and long term as the less things that need to be put aside so that they can recover, the less things they’ll need to catch up on once they’re feeling better. This in turn reduces anxiety about getting sick and lowers stress levels upon their return if they do fall ill.

A Trip To The Pharmacy Is A Great Chance To Look After Other Aspects Of Their Health

If we turn our attention to wider health benefits, it’s also great to note that a trip to the pharmacy is the perfect opportunity for your staff members to check in on their health in a more general sense. Although they cannot replace doctors, pharmacists are a great source of wellness information so your staff members may find that their visit improves their health in other ways as well.

Their Mental Health May Improve

Finally, providing your employees with corporate flu vaccination vouchers shows that you care about their physical health. This in turn will help improve their mental health as everyone feels better when they know that they are valued. The power of boosting the mental health of your employees should never be underestimated and you may actually find that this has the most significant impact out of any item on this list.

Now that you understand how corporate flu vaccination vouchers can help improve the health of your staff, all that’s left to do is select your pharmacy and put the program in place.