How To Attract Growth Oriented Friends

How To Attract Growth Oriented Friends

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You are known by the company you keep. Birds of a feather flock together. Commonly heard right? But where do you find the company which you know is genuinely right for you? How do you find friends who will help and motivate you towards your achieving your goals and dreams? Where do you find people who support you be a better version of yourself? You’ll find all your answers in here – keep reading:


Know those who push you out of your comfort zone:

Not everyone out there is genuinely bothered about who you are, neither does anybody take genuine effort to bring out the best in you. And if find someone who’s doing it, selflessly, without any hidden intentions – don’t let them go! These are the ones who will keep pushing you to achieve more and better because they’re the ones who really know your potential and what you deserve. These are the ones that stay; they’re keepers!


Watch out for those who speak the truth:
Whether you like it or not, these people will say it straight to your face. You don’t require friends who are all goody-goody with sugar spilling from their sweet tongues 24/7. You need someone who will shake you out of your dream world and get you back to reality. You need to hang around people who are frank, open, critical – it helps you keep yourself grounded.


Make sure they know who you are:

The good clan out there will include you among them only if they know you’re good enough for them! So make sure you, by your words, actions make it clear that you’re here looking out for people who will help you be a better person. You will soon become a part of the group which loves discussing about how to grow, how to improve. This will help you in your everyday life.


Give back too:
Being a friend doesn’t mean taking all the right things – it means sharing them, giving out good things when required also. So when you’ve found company that you know is honest, and here to stay make sure you add some value to them too! After all, all relationships work best with the give and take principle.

You need to be surrounded by people who love living life, who look forward to making the most of every day of their life – these people have a spark in them, and they also have the capacity to light the spark in others! Find your spark!