Model Tips for Purchasing New Designer Bathing Suits

Model Tips for Purchasing New Designer Bathing Suits

incredibly beautiful sexy girl models in a designer bathing suit

Let’s be honest, listening to advice from models is not what most consumers want to hear. We get it – they’re beautiful and pose for pictures for a living in between attending glamour parties and red carpet events.

However, when it comes to passing on tips with the use of designer bathing suits, they are better placed than anyone else to outline what works for them, what feels comfortable and how to avoid those messy purchases that never work out long-term.

Every model has a hundred stories about brands that really pop, those that are about average and others that created all manner of havoc for the shoot on location.

We will examine what these professionals have said on the subject, detailing how women can purchase new bathing suits from Myra Swim and other designer outlets.

One-Piece v Two-Piece Dynamic is a Personal Choice

Ignore those voices that are adamant about one-piece or two-piece designer bathing suits. According to models who know this dynamic inside out and the debates that are had on the subject, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to be found here. It will depend what body features want to be highlighted, what they want to be covered and how comfortable the fit happens to be in the dressing room.

Extra Bottom Size Never Hurts

One of the great frustrations that models can have with designer bathing suits, especially for those that fit the plus-sized demographic, is the tight fabric digging into the skin. Deciding to be skin-tight with swimwear bottoms can work for some, but the ongoing discomfort makes for an awful experience for those who have the item on for hours on end. Buying collections that offer some extra size down below gives them that freedom.

Place a Focus on The Straps

Two women flexing their designer bathing suits

The stress of designer bathing suits that chafe and dig into the back and shoulders makes for an unpleasant experience. It has only been in the past two decades where major focus from brands has been placed on this department, allowing women with larger busts to enjoy a stronger level of support. If this is a key consideration for consumers, then source collections that offer genuine support with the straps.

Retro Fashions Are Always in Circulation

What feels like outdated designer bathing suits in 2020 could be back in fashion in 5-10 years, so why stress about an industry that is always evolving? The 80s vibrant neon colours and high-cut legs could not be sold anywhere during the 90s and 2000s, but they have returned with a vengeance in recent times. Keep hold of those collections that have been purchased in past summer seasons.

Accessories Work for Coverage & Style

Having nothing else on other than a tight bikini is great for a lot of women, but others who are looking to upgrade their designer bathing suits will be more comfortable with adding special accessories to their wardrobe collection. With shirts and garments to summer hats, glasses and sandals, the entire look does not have to be dictated purely by the swimwear.

Don’t Force The Issue

Designer swimwear with bathing suit selections are a very personal shopping choice. These types of fabrics reflect the characteristics of the user and if there is a push to be more revealing or to cover up too much than what feels nature, it is a purchase that won’t work. Models are often matched with certain designs given their body shape and their personality and general consumers should stick to those principles even when there are no photographers around.

Of course one of the domains in which models have little awareness or care for designer bathing suits is the price tag – must be nice! To find an item or collection that ticks all of these boxes and happens to be affordable to buy, the only real solution for the consumer is research.