The Long Building History of Scaffolding Hire

The Long Building History of Scaffolding Hire

scaffolding in a construction building

Scaffolding hire is as old as time with an awaited long history of helping the building and reparation process of architecture throughout the ages. It has been the ultimate support system and platform designed to help a variety of cultures and buildings across the globe. For those who use this structure in their building projects, we are going to give you a history lesson by providing you with all the information you need to see where the journey of scaffolding hire started and how it got to the mass production it has today.

The Origin Story of Scaffolding Hire

Scaffolding hire was used a long time ago during the time of Ancient Greece and Egypt. Egyptians used this platform in order to make their pyramids. Pyramids of Geza? That definitely used the structure at some point. These platforms were used often to swiftly and conveniently help raise each block to in turn build an impressive building.

The Greeks back in the day were also known to use scaffolding in their architectural work. The Berlin Foundry Cup is a great example of this, which clearly shows in the picture how the structure was used in Ancient Greece in their buildings. Kylix founded in the Berlin Foundry Cup is said to date back as early as 5th century BC. This was created and drawn by Attic vase painter who was known by historians as the foundry painter. This is evidence scaffolding hire was an essential tool to use in building structures in history.

During the Medieval period, this tool was predominantly used in buildings and architecture especially in churches. Monks had used this structure in order restore, build and repair their place of worship.

This platform was increasing in popularity in the Victoria era, being used by trades workers back in the day. Scaffolding hire then was made out of a variety of wood, bamboo, and ropes to create and rebuild broken structures. Sisal, wire or hemp rope were used to put the structure in place, allowing workers to work from large heights. Square or sheer lashing kept the platform held together, so that the building could be safely and effectively be built. Back in those times there were no safety gear or uniforms used, so there was a lot of potential for accidents if people were not careful.

By the early 1900s, metal-made platforms were created leading us to the structure we all know today. 

Scaffolding Hire Today

Scaffolding hire really tied the knot when they introduced the platform made of tubular steel in the 1920s. It has now become popular among the building industry to allow workers to reach new heights, literally. It is fast, convenient and efficient allowing workers to operate in different areas quickly, increase work productivity and cut costs and time. It has come a long way away from the Pyramids of Egypt and Ancient Greece all the way to becoming a commercialised industry. With stronger structures and safer measures in gear and uniform, this has allowed to make the unthinkable possible in architecture. Scaffolding hire has paved the way throughout the ages to make it as widely used as it is today.

Scaffolding hire has a long history to get where it is today. It has become the tool for some of the most prized and beloved structures throughout the centuries. Over time it has become stronger, safer, and more intricate, allowing more complex and tall structures to be made easily and in a secure manner. We’ve reached to great lengths and new heights, giving you the buildings that have been used in each and every city across the globe.