Topics To Discuss With Your Divorce lawyers Sydney

Topics To Discuss With Your Divorce lawyers Sydney

Topics To Discuss With Your Divorce lawyers Sydney

For some people, it is until they are face to face with their divorce lawyers Sydney that it hits them. Their marriage is about to be dissolved. Realizing that your marriage is coming to an end is a lot to handle. You may arrive at that decision after months or years of trying to make it work or after some betrayal from your partner. But either way, it’s never easy.

Your meetings with the divorce lawyers in Sydney, however, should be. The process of marriage dissolution can be burdensome. But you can cut the proceedings short by discussing a few things with your solicitors from the onset. Complete knowledge of the attorney’s plans will give you a clear view of the legal aspects of the case. With that, you can ensure that the process doesn’t take longer than it should.

It would help to discuss these topics with your solicitors before beginning the dissolution process.

  • Marital Property.

This one is at the top of the list for a reason. Studies have shown that most disagreements in marriage centre around money and property. So, you should probably talk that one out with your divorce lawyers in Sydney. If your marital assets are numerous, it might be complicated. Evaluation is even more challenging if you own real estate investments, shares of companies, or business holdings.

Given that your attorneys have a comprehensive picture of your assets, they should be able to give an estimate of how the ruling might go.

  • Alimony.
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Alimony is another crucial topic to discuss with your divorce lawyers Sydney. It is money paid to a partner for their upkeep after your separation. Let’s assume that one of the partners spent most of their time at home, taking care of the children. The other partner would be out making money for the family. After the annulment, the first partner would be at a disadvantage. That’s where alimony comes in.

Talk to your solicitors about this. You or your partner may have to pay alimony after the separation.

  • Child Custody And Support.

This is one of the most hotly contested parts of a divorce. So, talking about it with your divorce lawyers in Sydney would do some good. Legal custody is the right to make important decisions about a child’s life. That may include education, health, and welfare. Physical custody has to do with where the child will reside. Custody could be joint or sole.

Physical custody is usually given to whoever keeps the family house. This is to reduce the upheaval on the part of the children. However, if both partners are leaving the house, it becomes complicated.

Whatever the courts decide, both parents must equally support the children. Naturally, the brunt of raising them would lie on the custodial parent. The noncustodial parent will have to pay for child support to balance it all. It is best to discuss all these with your divorce lawyers Sydney before embarking on the divorce.

Your attorneys are the most qualified to counsel you on these matters. So, a long talk with your divorce lawyers in Sydney would help you make good decisions before beginning the process.