What Do Sydney PR Agencies Do?

What Do Sydney PR Agencies Do?

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You might know a bit about public relations, although you’re mind probably goes to media relations when you think about it. Whilst media relations are certainly part of what Sydney PR agencies do, there’s a lot more to it than that. Their main role is to help their clients build and improve their reputation through a number of different channels. Their role is varied and often they coordinate with advertising and marketing functions. Their job is to get their clients the right attention and help them to manage negative attention. Read on below for the basics of what you can expect from your public relations firm.

Understanding goals

One of the important roles of Sydney PR agencies is to understand the goals that their client is trying to reach. What do they need to achieve? Whether it’s changing the tide of negative public perception, spreading the word about new products or services or building a great reputation for their client, good public relations firms are able to build great, long lasting relationships between businesses and their clients. The job of a public relations firm involves developing a plan for communications based on a clear analysis of their competition, current position in the market and what they’re hoping to achieve they’ll then use a variety of public relations methods to achieve these goals. Public relations tools might include creating content, press releases, articles or research and whitepapers. They will use a variety of mediums such as print media like magazines and newspapers and online media such as websites and social media.

Media relations

One of the common roles of Sydney PR agencies is to manage media relations. This is often the job that many people think about when they hear ‘public relations’. Media relations involve getting coverage in a variety of media channels such as television, radio, magazines, and newspapers and on the web. The general aim is usually to promote newsworthy stories about the client, such as when they have a new product or service or if they achieved something impressive in the industry. Media relations may also be used to reach the general public and to change public perception. Public relations firms will use media relations to improve the image of their client. People working in media are likely to perform tasks such as writing press releases, speeches, and pitches and will also plan events.

Media training

Sydney PR agencies will also manage media training. This often involves working with c-suite executives of spokespeople and representatives for companies to teach them how to manage media and press coverage. The aim of media training it to teach speakers to be clear and to be able to speak persuasively in a concise way. Media training can help to ensure that everyone is ‘on message’ and can improve a client’s ability to manage difficult topics.

Digital communications

Another role of public relation firms is to manage the online presence of their client by helping them to develop effective communications and content. They also assist with social media, advertising and website optimisation.

Internal communications

Sydney PR agencies can also help their clients out by managing their internal communications inside the company. These are their communications to their employees and can include things like updates or news about big changes inside the organisation.

Crisis communications

Another role of public relations firms might involve managing crisis situations for clients. When an issue or emergency arises they can be very helpful for clients managing media relations or sensitive issues.

Government relations

Firms can also help companies navigate their relationship with the government and can also help them to effect change around government policy.